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Welcome to FSS Shop which is an extension of our parent organisation Family & Separation Support CIC. The purpose of our shop is to sell merchandise to help raise awareness of the organisation and also to help contribute to our funding campaigns. If you don’t know much about our organisation please read below for more information. 

Family & Separation Support (FSS) will be providing an all in one solution based on early intervention, mediation, financial and legal advice service. Due to a large increase in court applications, the Family Court, CAFCASS and Social Services have stated that we need to find an alternative to Family Court.  Family and Separation Services (FSS) aims to provide an all in one solution that provides emotional and practical support for families and separated parents and children.  

Research shows that separated services are not as successful and fail many families because of their disjointed way of working.  FSS however, takes a collaborative approach when it comes to separated families. This all in one service is much more effective and efficient and will have much more positive results for separated families.  

We provide a three-tier programme to cover relationships which includes early intervention, mediation / parenting programmes and provide legal advice and support.  FSS will help reduce court applications by providing longer term emotional and practical support, which in turn will help to alleviate the trauma and stress that the parent and children go through at family court and leads to better mental health. Furthermore, providing opportunities which allows parents to communicate together leads to a much better environment for the child, their health and well-being.  

We encourage a child centred approach and encourage successful co-parenting so that children can grow up to be well-balanced, emotionally stable and make a positive contribution to society. There is also less risk of the children/s relationships being damaged with the parents, allowing a positive environment for all. 

Currently many family services hold no records or statistical information on the outcome of families and children who receive their support, so no one really knows if the information or advice they are given is working. In addition, once court orders have been issued, no follow up appointments or support is given which then results in parents having to go through the court process again and again if these agreements fail.  FSS will be providing its own statistical information and will share the outcomes of families with governmental policy makers. Repeated court visits will also be avoided as we offer ongoing support to ensure that parents can be involved in decision making and take some responsibility about the future of their families instead of it being decided by third party. 

Provided there are no safeguarding issues, which will be identified by collaborative working within our organisation, FSS can reduce the damage/trauma to children and separated families and potentially decrease the suicide rate of parents.  Instead of parents having to make contact with different agencies which leads them to become frustrated and anxious with the constant delays, we lend ourselves to a system which is much more holistic and solution oriented as personal information is kept in-house.  As a result, a quick, positive outcome which benefits the whole family can be provided.

Please support our campaign by using the hashtag #LoveFSS on your social media posts. If you would like to directly donate to our cause please follow this link http://bit.ly/thefamilyproject care.

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